The commercial is an advertisement to convey a message to the target audience. It is about crafting the message is such a way that the customer is able to recognize, remember and use the product or services in real life. In Singapore, if someone has proper planning, one can make a good commercial that wins the public.

Follow these basic tips for a commendable commercial production

  • Message

First, it is important to understand what one has to convey through the commercial. It is the most expensive form of promotion. The fees of commercial are charged as per second. So, the message has to be clear and précised. One can produce a series of a commercial with different messages or one can create a single commercial. Everything is based on the type of commercial.

  • Story

In general, the commercial duration is for 15-30 seconds. Creating a story for such a short interval is the art. Not everyone can do this. The story has to be unique, engaging and memorable. It should contain some humor or any surprise for the target audience. Some ad uses attractive jingles or tag line to affect the interest of the audience.  Consider the means of production for creating the video for the commercial. The budget determines the fate of a commercial production.

  • Script

When the story and message are clear; another aspect is the script of the commercial. If it is a commercial ad than every word used in the script is important. At the end of the script, use the call to action like contact information in any form of the commercial.

  • Recording and editing

Finally, one can record the ad once the script is ready. Watch the commercial and edit it as per the need.


  • Produce the commercial in public


Buy airtime on television or one can market it at free of cost on YouTube and other websites.