Myanmar is among the economically-promising countries in Asia, and if you are ready to face the challenges that come with a company set up in the country, you are certainly in for a golden opportunity. If you are still wondering which part of Myanmar to set up your office, Yangon – being the largest city in the country, is your best bet. As Yangon is a business centre of Myanmar, it is a hub for those seeking economic opportunities in the country. Simply put, it is one of the most viable places to set up an office.

But before you start hunting for office space in Yangon, remember to consider a variety of factors so that you get the most out of your office in the future.

Environment of the office space in Yangon

One of the first questions you should ask when choosing an office space is: Is it a great environment for conducting business? When looking for an office space, think about your employees and clients. Will they feel comfortable in the office? Is it spacious enough for employees to work freely? Check everything from the layout to the acoustics and make sure that the office space is a secure and quiet environment.

Facilities of the rented office

Think about the conveniences that come with the office spaces. Does the building allow more room for expansion? Does it have after-hours access and car parking? Is it close to amenities like banks, pharmacies, or shopping areas? Is it close to public transportation?

Rental rates of the offices in Yangon

Last, and definitely the most relevant aspect of office search, is the price. It is to be expected that an office space will cost a lot, so you might as well make sure to get the most out of that high price you’re paying. Some offices come with additional services such as office maintenance management and business meeting facilities to give you a better working environment. Availing office rentals in Yangon is a great idea.

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