A booklet is a small book usually consist of four or eight pages. Booklets can be designed in different sizes and shapes depending on what is contained in it. Another important detail to know about a booklet is that you don’t necessarily have to fill all the pages. Some pages can be entirely left blank. Booklets can be designed to give short and detailed information about a company. It can be crafted as a manual for instructions and as a catalogue.

Create good content

Remember the booklet is designed to give brief information about your brand’s products or services. Therefore, the content that you include in the booklet matters a lot. Ensure you only cover the most important details about what you are writing about. In other words, make the content short but informative at the same time.
Come up with a layout.
The page layout of the booklet is determined by the content written on the pages. There are a few things you need to consider when designing a booklet layout. For example, you have to leave enough room for the reader to hold the book while reading. You also need to leave enough space such that when the booklet is binded no content will be sealed. At this point consider consulting a professional designer to help you in designing an appropriate booklet layout.

Counter check the content

Ensure the content is of high quality and free of grammatical and spelling errors. So before the papers are printed ensure you go through the material to make sure it is good.

Print the booklet

This is another area that people tend to fail. If your brand is well known or you want to get your brand among the top best, you have to invest in designing a quality booklet. This involves choosing excellent and high-quality papers for printing your booklet.

Design the booklet

The design of the booklet depends on the number of pages present. They usually consist of two outer covers for the front, and the back and other inner leaflets include more details about the company or the brand.

Bind the booklet

The last step involves binding of the booklet. There are three primary methods of binding a booklet.

Staple binding

This is the easiest and the cheapest method of binding since it involves the use of a stamp in the middle of the pages.

Spiral binding

This method involves one punching holes at the edge of the pages and with the use of a spiral, you fasten the sheets.

Perfect binding

This is a method widely used for binding booklets with many pages. It is more professional and durable as well.

With e-commerce so prevalent these days, you can even send your booklet for print online without having to deal with a salesperson. It is also cheaper this way because you take control of the purchasing portion