Purified water is a basic necessity for every house. Water purifiers were invented to provide safe drinking water that can protect you and your family from dreadful waterborne diseases. However, nowadays, besides providing safe drinking water, water filters claim to enrich the water by adding essential minerals and by ionizing the water through the process of electrolysis.  These concepts have highlighted the significance of selecting a quality filtration system that can offer consistent purification process without flaws and frequent maintenance requirements. Filters dispensing alkaline water are nowadays quite popular as it is believed that water which is high in its alkaline level has more health benefits. The process of filtration is known as ionization. This filtration system helps in producing alkaline water Singapore by separating the acidic components through the process of electrolysis. If you are looking for a quality alkaline water ionizer Singapore, you need to find a branded supplier or dealer in Singapore who is experienced in providing quality home appliances and water purification systems for domestic as well as commercial usage.

Shopping for a reliable ionized water dispenser in Singapore and purifier

  • A simple water dispensing machine may offer different levels of purification. However, if you are looking for a dispenser with alkaline filter, it would cost you more than you may expect.
  • Despite the expensive nature of ionizers, there are several brands that offer affordable ionizers that make use of simple mineral stones for making the water rich in minerals rather than providing a high degree of alkalization.
  • You can also opt for a premium water ionizer machine that offers different types of filtration systems like RO purification and conventional filtration layers for removing impurities. However, the prices may range between 2000 to 8000 SGD.
  • Advanced ionized water dispensing machines have various adjustment levels for controlling the alkalization process. For instance, these machines have separate outlets for dispensing less alkaline and acidic water, which are recommended for washing and cleaning.