Colour is among the powerful things that affect our moods. It means that when printing posters, you should bear in mind that the colour you choose has the potential of changing the mood of your customers. For instance, if you come across a website that improves your state of mind, your relationship with the brand will deepen, which means that business returns will improve.

Many website designers and advertisers are aware of this factor. However, finding the right choice of colours for your business’s poster can be a challenge, the reason being that people interpret colours differently. In this informative post, we’ll look at the types of colours and how they affect the mood of a poster.

Warm and Bright Colours

Bright and warm colours are commonly used in printing posters. They visually enlarge objects, which makes them look big. However, due to their visibility, you should limit their use when using subdued colours. Types of bright colours include red, pink, orange, yellow and beige.

Cold and Bright Colours

Cold and bright colours add freshness and professionalism to your printing work. When combined with grey, what you get is a feeling of modernity. Websites, businesses and commerce sites use these colours when selling cosmetic, medicine and health products. Examples of these colours are lavender, azure and silver.

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours include black, white and grey. They help in creating contrasts and bring out other colours. They are used in a variety of applications when carrying out printing work.

Warm and Dark Colours

Brown, gold, and purple colours change the mood of a poster by creating a feeling of relaxation, luxury, and tradition. The result is that these colours are used in printing elegant and expensive designs. When you mix them with cold colours, you create an impression of novelty and modernity. These colours are used by brands that engage in consulting, finance and craft.

Cold and Dark Colours

Green, violet, blue and navy bring about a feeling of quality and stability, which means that they are mostly used as accompanying colours. These colours are used on business sites to bring out hard working and ambitious attributes. Science, government, computer, and automotive products feature these colours on their printing.


The above informative article on how colours affect the mood of a poster should make your printing work fast and manageable. Remember that black colour can be combined with other bright colours and dark colours with white to bring about a classic and universal combination. Always speak with your printing company so that they can suggest what colours work and what doesn’t