When one wants to create product brochures there are two options. The first option if for a person to design the brochure by themselves. Many people try to do this using a simple tool on their desktop or their laptop computers. They then either get the product brochures printed at a neighborhood printer, which Singapore has plenty of. The other option is to approach the good designer. The designer will have their own contacts with content writers and photo studios. The first option is much cheaper than the second option. But it is also true that one gets what one pays for. So when one decides to show one’s expertise where a person has none, the result will come out in a very poor manner. This is not just a waste of time, but also a waste of money.  It is even worse if a person still goes ahead and offers substandard brochures to his or her customers. They will end up looking extremely poor in the customer’s eyes and will lose that customer. It is only after this happens a few times that a person realizes that the brochures are not working and they would have been better off approaching a professional designer in the first place. The content that comes from a professional is very different from that which is offered by an amateur, however the person feels one is talented. Similarly, any good brochure needs better pictures. Without these the brochure has no meaning. For these pictures too, one needs to have a professional take them.

There are several fields within commercial photography in Singapore

  • There are several streams in capturing the essence of different products as a car is presented very differently from a watch.
  • When a designer wants to hire a cameraman they will often look for one with specific expertise in that stream of commercial photography Singapore.
  • If one finds a good professional, one must not forget to ask for past projects to see how good they are.