Packaging is just about having a cover for your product – It works as an effective, innovative and smart marketing tool, if used effectively. Except for edible items and selected categories, many products need to be sold in boxes, and companies have one big challenge or task at hand – to find a reliable and known box manufacturer. While there are many services for packaging supplies, not all are same, and it is important to do some initial homework. Here are the factors that must be considered while looking for a good manufacturer.

  1. Start with what they provide. Some manufacturers have fixed range of boxes, with specific sizes, while others can customize for your products and order. The latter is an obvious choice, especially if you want the product boxes to look a certain way.

  1. Ask for references. You cannot judge companies based on the claims they make, which is why it is important to ask for references. Discuss the range of clients they have worked and the industries that they specialize in.
  2. Find the basics. Is the company a known one? What kind of reviews do they have on online third-party sites? Do they have the required permits and licenses to deal in the industry? How many years they have been in business? Ask these relevant questions before taking a call.
  3. Help with structural conception. Your unique product requires a specific box design, for which the structure, size and other design elements must be considered. Find a manufacturer who is experienced enough in the concept and design process, and they should be able to help with creating a perfect box that reflective of brand and product value.
  4. Ask for samples. You cannot rely on designs on a computer screen. It is important to know how the actual package or box would look like. Before the production process begins, most of the known sellers will send samples for approval.

  1. Pricing. Eventually, packaging needs to be effective and affordable, and for that, knowing the cost of each box is necessary. Some companies may offer a good price for bulk orders, so if you don’t plan to change the packaging soon, consider ordering together.
  2. Storage. Yes, many cardboard box manufacturers actually store bulk orders for their client, and you just need to pay a small fee for the same. Given the cost of space, this is a good choice for any business.

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