Framing photos and prints let you display and preserve your pieces of art. If you have been taking photos or collecting works of art, here’s what you should know about framing them:

Should you Custom Frame?

Whether you want to frame photos, posters, fine work of art, or handprints, custom framing will reflect your taste and protect those works for many years. Often, you will keep a well-framed piece of art longer than most of your furniture. With custom picture framing, you can choose designs of the frames and the framing method. It is about achieving what you want from the resulting product.

It’s Important to Think about the Surroundings

Although you must take into account the decor of a room, you must also match the frame to the room. Remember that the decor a certain room currently has may change in the future.

You Must Pick Matting that Improves the Artwork

Matting refers to the window-cut material placed around the images within the frame. You can find mats made from a variety of materials like fabric, paper, or cotton in various colors. They act like a spacer from the glazer and condensation. Also, it lets the artwork expand and contract with humidity changes. With matting, the artwork’s overall size is increased, offering space for the eyes to rest between your chosen frame and the art.

How to Protect your Artwork from Damage

Usually, precious art is damaged before they even arrive at the frame shop due to improper transportation and storage. If you own a rolled piece of art that you want to frame, it could damaged because of materials such as tape, paperclips, or rubber bands. Thus, place the artwork in a folder, a tube, or a protective covering.

Moreover, to further protect your artwork, consider glazing which is the acrylic material or glass that covers the artwork. You can choose from options such as conservation glass, anti-reflective glass, and clear glass.

Why Add Another Detail

Creative window openings, fillets, or fabric mats can provide more distinctive flair to any artwork. Reputable framing shops are familiar with these and can guide you in deciding which works best with your pieces. In some cases, the smallest framing elements can make your artwork stand out.

What is the Best Frame?

You can pick from thousands of various frame sizes and styles as well as a variety of glazes, stains, and finishes. Your framer should be able to help you pick the frame that fits your artwork and make it based on your specific requirements and needs.