It is common information that small and medium-sized businesses often don’t have particular criteria to use when they hire IT services Singapore. The following are some factors to ask any potential supplier of IT services:

Factors hiring an IT services in Singapore

On hardware, software, packages, and offerings

You have to figure out the hardware, software, offerings, and packages that the IT service provider can provide or resell which can be effective and productive for your business. For instance, a certain phone system is designed for a small business with about 100 employees or less.

There’s also one that can cater only to 50 employees or less and has limited number of locations to serve. You have to take down notes when the provider tells you about the products they sell or offer, do your own research, and compare the packages to those offered by other providers and what the major companies have to say about these. Always remember that every product whether it’s VoIP phone or data backup software it always comes with a specific requirement for number of users and business size.

On total cost of ownership (TCO)

It’s also wise to figure out if the services, packages, and software that the provider is offering can reduce the cost of total cost of ownership for the long term or short term. You may also need to know how.

For instance installing the VoIP phone system may mean high initial costs but the company may be able to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars from overseas calls and between-site calls. This makes the initial cost worth risking for more savings in the long run.

On fee structure

You have to know the fee structure that the provider can offer and whether it is beneficial to a small or a medium-sized business. Fee structures can come in various shapes and sizes. What may be good for large companies may not be good for small and medium-sized companies. There are providers that offer incident-based fee structure. The downside to this is that they may be hesitant to provide long-term solutions for your problem.

These are only some of the factors that you need to determine. There are many more.