The US h1b visa (also known as 美国h1b签证) is just a work visa, not a green card, and it is not automatically converted to a green card. The applications of the h1b and green card (also known as h1b绿卡) are difficult. Just as a student’s F1 visa can be legally studied in the United States, H-1B holders can work legally in the United States. Before applying for h1b, they must apply for an opt extension (also known as opt延期) to avoid expiration. After holding the H-1B visa, the applicant can apply for a green card while working. The H-1B visa is valid for 6 years. The new H-1B visa is valid for 3 years and can be renewed for 3 years, for a total of no more than 6 years. If you want to h1b job hopping (also known as h1b跳槽) in the middle, you must grasp the h1b transfer time (also known as h1b transfer时间). 6 years is enough for the applicant to run the US green card. Within the validity period of the H-1B visa, the H-1B conversion green card application is filed. The holder can also obtain the green card by marrying the citizen or the green card, but more people do not. This condition, so I had to choose to have the employer apply for a green card for them, usually an eb2 green card (also known as eb2绿卡) or EB3.

Employers must meet the following conditions to apply for a green card for H-1B holders. Employers must provide permanent job positions for H-1B holders, and work positions must also be full-time. An employer who applies for a green card for an H-1B holder may be different from the employer who originally applied for H1B. The first step of the H-1B conversion green card application is similar to the H-1B application. It is for labor paper, but the application process is much more complicated than the H-1B application, and the cycle is longer. This can also be the key to the success of the green card conversion. Employers must conduct a process of recruiting new employees. If there is no suitable US local to work, it is possible for the H-1B holder’s labor paper application to be approved. Labor paper was applied for by the US Department of Labor. Once approved, an immigrant visa application can be filed with the US Immigration Service.

This means that these Chinese people working in American companies must become the backbone of the company and maintain a close and friendly relationship with the company, so that the company can apply for immigration for employees. Once employees want to change jobs, change jobs, raise salary, negotiate with the company, immigration applications may become a bubble.