Printing various texts, messages, and photographs on mugs is a popular service that has a growing demand among private and corporate customers. Printing personalized messages or names on mugs and other objects like pens and key chains makes these items more unique and they can be presented as special gifts for your loved ones. Printing services are also offered by vendors and manufacturers that deal with various types of corporate gift Singapore items. Corporate gifts indicate a wide range of items that carry a company logo and other motivational or marketing messages. If you are looking for a printing service in Singapore that can get your picture or message printed on objects like mugs and cups, you can search online for services that offer corporate gifts and printing services like customized badge Singapore printing and T-shirt printing.

Different types of mug printing in Singapore services

  • Printing services for making personalized mugs and similar objects are of various types depending on the quality of printing materials used and the kind of objects they deal with. Common services deal with printing on plastic products and mugs made of plastic.
  • When it comes to mugs, ceramic is a popular material used for making these items. However, for printing on ceramic mugs you would require a special type of printers. So while hiring online printing services, you should make sure if they have special printers for ceramic mugs.
  • For business purposes at places like hotels and restaurants, you would need printed glass mugs, cups, and glasses. In such case, you need to search for services that offer special printing service for glassware.
  • Most of the printing services offer text and logo printing. However, for personalized gifting, you would need mugs that are printed with photographs or pictures of your loved ones. So, you need a printing service that can engrave or imprint photographs onto the mugs with a good degree of clarity.