Most people these days rely on jeans for their everyday look. Jeans are extremely versatile and can be worn with anything from simple tees to flashy blouses, and even shirts. Jeans that fit one properly and is designed to flatter their body will make them look great and will also keep them comfortable all day long. But finding the right pair of jeans can be a nightmare. This is where custom fit jeans come in.

 custom fit jeans

Why are custom fit jeans so popular?

These days, more and more people are choosing jeans that are specially tailored for them instead of choosing the jeans sold at most shops. Read on to see why jeans that are tailor made so popular.

  • Most shops only sell jeans that fit the most recent trends. But these jeans are manufactured in bulk and do not really fit everyone. Custom fit jeans are specifically made for the customer’s body type and give a perfect fit.
  • Custom made jeans last longer. Most brand name jeans use seven to nine stitches per inch. It is this stitch count that determines the quality of the jeans – the higher the number of stitches, the higher the quality. Jeans that are custom made using around eleven to thirteen stitches per inch, meaning they are much more durable.
  • Custom fit jeans allow customers to choose the details that they want. They can choose the color of the thread used for stitching, and even the color of buttons and the style of the pocket. Most people choose black stitching, as it makes the jeans more versatile, although blue, yellow and white are popular choices as well.

With all the benefits that custom fit jeans offers, it is only natural that more and more people are choosing it over bulk-manufactured jeans.