Whenever you plan to introduce a product and brand to a market, you have to first go through the process of designing the packaging andlabeling of your product. The labels can be either designedin-house, by a freelance designer or with the help of a design agency. Regardless of the option you choose it is very important to pay attention to the design as your product labels communicate your brand message and explain your product contents in addition to attracting the eye of your customers. Printed Product Labels are the face of your brand. In other words the packaging of the product is like an advertisement, it is the first thing that attracts customers and initiatesthe salesprocess.

There are the various stages involved in the label production process. These are:

  • Digital designing of the labels to be printed.
  • Custom cutting of the labels so that they can fit in any sort of packaging, irrespective of shape, size that you need.
  • UV protective varnishes are applied on the printed labels before they are cut according to the requirement. It protects the labels from UV light and any kind of minor scuffs. Available in matt and gloss finish.
  • A premium film lamination is put on the labels to add a protective film layer on your custom product labels. This process adds a lot on the feel, appearance and durability of your printed product labels. You can choose from gloss and matt ones, they create a stronger effect as compared to varnishes. Lamination films are generally used on printed labels for cosmetic and chemical, as well as sports nutrition labels.
  • Hot foil stamping is a procedure that can be used on the printed product labels in case you want to add a luxurious touch to a label. The use of hot foil is mainly used for premium materials like beverage, cosmetic and food products.

Here are some useful guidelines to design your product labels:

There is no doubt that the product labels have become an important part of your brand and product marketing strategy, it simply cannot be overlooked in any way. Some useful tips are:

  • Appearance- The look and feel plays an important role, it can very well decide whether your product label is attracting consumers and thus promoting its sale. Always pay heed to label’s outlook or design.
  • Explicit Information on the product- Though the look should be great but the label need to have their function. It should be able to provide full information yet should be concise, interesting, attractive but very clear.
  • Label identifies the quality of a product– Irrespective of the product, most of the potential customers without realizing it, grade the quality of the item based on the appearance and feel of the labels. This is the reason that a top-quality print and material will always standout from the crowd.

To summarize, custom product labeling is a short and reasonable method for advertising your product and brand in the market. You should pay a lot of attention in its designing, in order to improve your marketing and sale.