There are certain services that most of the companies like to offer to their customer in order to attract their attention and also provide them certain amount of relief too. In this cut throat, competitive era everyone wants to remain ahead of others. They make an attempt to provide certain amount of ease, comfort or pleasure to their customers in several possible ways. For example, when someone buys few items then he does not have enough time to suitably pack them, so that it can be carried safely. Therefore, right kind of packaging can certainly provide a relief to any customer.

If you try to trace the history of packaging, then you will understand that this practice was prevalent since long and our forefathers used to employ certain simple technique to carry their items. Now, with the available technology many new methods of packaging have been invented to make life much easier.

There are three different levels of packaging:

  1. Primary packaging – This is first level of packaging where the product is in direct contact with the packaging material
  2. Secondary packaging – This is next packaging level that wraps the primary package to provide further strength to the inner packaging.
  3. Tertiary packaging – This packaging required for shipping and transporting, which is also known as bulk packaging where many numbers of products are put together and they are suitably fitted within the container for shipping.

Retail and non-retail packaging

Packaging has been divided into two categories, which are called retail or non-retail packaging. All retail packaging is done in similar manner so that the product can be easily identified in the store just by looking at their retail pack. Mostly in various shops and retail stores, you can see the products are packaged in retail package. It encloses the package with the instructions for use. It increases the value of the product.

Non-retail packing is on the other hand is used when the products are packed in bulk quantity. Usually when products are shipped in bulk quantity to any store or retail shop they are packed by using any non-retail packaging. You can also read wholesale boxes news to know more about such non-retail packaging.

What is the purpose of retail packaging?

Retail packaging is necessary so that it can reach the customers in well-protected enclosure with necessary branding, protection and to meet certain regulation. It can also offer comfort to the users of the product. Following are few advantages:

  • Maintain the quality of product
  • Protects the product
  • Attracts the customers
  • Can be identified in the store