Also referred as a suit pin, a label pin is a small pin that are worn on the lapel of a jacket for decorative purpose. More than a mere accessory, lapel pins could add an elegant and classic touch on your outfit. In this article, we are going to share some facts about lapel pin that you would be glad to know!

Where to wear the lapel pin

You can wear lapel pins at formal occasions with a tuxedo, work suit, blazer or a dinner jacket. Pick a theme or colour of your outfit and ensure the lapel pin suits your overall theme – Make sure the colour of your tie, cufflink and belt buckle match each other.

Choosing the right lapel pin

There are lapel pins with various designs and fastenings, you should choose the right lapel pin Singapore as the perfect corporate gift that well represents your company. There is the classic, vintage, long-stem and floral design. Floral lapel pin is a pin with an artificial flower that adds personality to your outfit. While vintage lapel pins make your character stands out, long-stem lapel pins with contemporary design is popular nowadays, too. Depending on who the recipient is and the type of occasion, you can always choose different type of lapel pins to be given away as corporate gifts.

How and when to wear lapel pin

Generally, the label pin goes slightly under the collar point on the left. It should be properly attached in a way that it sits flat against the lapel. You should not be using your lapel pins as cufflinks as it will not look good and professional on anyone!

Lapel pin can be worn for business or even for everyday wear. There are companies which use lapel pins to represent employees’ achievement and hence it is appropriate for you to wear it while attending a business occasion. However, you might not want to wear your achievement lapel pin attending a wedding as it might give other guests an impression that you are flaunting your achievement and accomplishment at work. If there is no special occasion, you can wear a classic lapel pin for work as it adds a little flair to your attire.

In short, a lapel pin is a great accessory for men in any attire. Start with smaller and cleaner designs of lapel pin and you will never go wrong with it!